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The Kidney Biopsy Academy workshop returns for #KIDNEYcon 2019


One of the most popular workshops of KIDNEYcon is the Kidney Biopsy Academy (“KBA”). The hands-on course utilizes: kidney ultrasound simulation using SonoSim® Ultrasound Training; real time ultrasound of kidneys in simulated, live human subjects; kidney anatomy with plasticine-embedded torso sections from human cadavers; kidney anatomy with dissected cadavers; US-based PKB simulation with mannequin (Blue Phantom™); US-based renal biopsy in lightly-embalmed cadavers; and tissue retrieval adequacy examination by microscope and smartphone camera.

The Kidney Biopsy Academy is directed by Drs. Juan Carlos Velez from the Ochsner Clinic and Vandana Niyyar from Emory University.  They are assisted by Drs. Shree Sharma and Nicholas Cossey from Arkana Laboratories, John Duronville from Duke, and Manisha Singh and Kevin Phelan from UAMS.