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KIDNEYcon Encourages Research Careers: Offers Hands-on Workshop

The KIDNEYcon Research Career Workshop, House Staff to Physician Scientist:  How Do I Get There From Here? is a hands-on intensive course designed to encourage residents and fellows to understand the pathway to a successful career as a physician scientist. Attendees will learn and practice strategies to identify mentors, improve the mentoring relationship and select and initiate research projects. They will also learn how to migrate through various milestones including NIH mechanisms such as T32 training fellowships, F31 and F32 fellowships, and mentored training awards including K08, K23 and VA Career Development Awards. A discussion will delve into the importance of the Aims page, and attendees will break up into small groups to critically review in a group setting. Additional components of the workshop will help trainees understand how to maximize their chances of receiving internal grants and grants from specialty societies. At the end of the workshop, attendees will have a strong understanding of the career development pathway from House Staff to Early Career Scientist and a strategy for navigating it.

This intensive workshop is taught by Drs. John Arthur from UAMS, Matthew Sparks from Duke, and Brent Wagner from the University of New Mexico.

John Arthur