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#KIDNEYcon perspective from a graduating fellow


KIDNEYcon was an exceptional meeting! I first went to KIDNEYcon in 2016 when I was finishing my fellowship at the University of Texas Southwestern. The first day consisted of a Renal Biopsy Workshop that utilized state-of-the-art technology and provided hands-on review of ultrasonography, anatomy, and different real-time renal biopsy techniques. The second day consisted of several superb talks, updates, and dynamic discussions in topics related to ICU nephrology, AKI, renal pathology, and CKD. The environment was very collegial and stimulating. The faculty were very attentive and approachable. This meeting is a great example of a balance between a hands-on pre-course experience and dynamic lectures and discussions. In summary, I think the faculty and organizing committee did a superb job to ensemble this meeting, which I consider is a great platform to acquire new knowledge, generate relevant research questions, and develop collaborative high-quality research.  

Javier Neyra, MD, MSCS
Assistant Professor
University of Kentucky