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Nephrology JEOPARDY!


FUN and Educational...

The Nephrology Fellows JEOPARDY! will take place Friday evening, April 7, 2017.  After the workshops on the first day, attendees convene for the evening session which kicks off with cocktails and appetizers followed by a fellows JEOPARDY! tournament. In the JEOPARDY! competition, teams of fellows representing a single institution or combinations of institutions will compete in a JEOPARDY! style competition where the team chooses a category and a dollar value. The answer is revealed and the first team to buzz in attempts to give the question that goes with the answer. Categories will include topics from within renal pathology, renal physiology, anatomy and renal medicine. Certificates will be given to members of the teams in the top three places. Awardees will be recognized on the website and on social media. In addition, a logo will be sent to the training programs of the award winning fellows to display on their institutional website. 

If I could do it all again, I’d be a nephrologist.
— Albert Einstein (paraphrased)